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Dr. T. L. Barnes is currently serving as the Senior Pastor/Teacher at New Vision Ministries, Inc. Along with his wife Angela D. Barnes who oversees the Women’s Ministry Called Embrace. She is a graduate of Oklahoma University and the University of Maryland. Her degrees consist of a Master in Human Relations and Bachelors in Criminal Justice.

Dr. Barnes was called to the Ministry in 1989 in South Korea while serving in the United States Army. He understands his assignment in the body of Christ, which is: To build Kingdom minds for the Kingdom of Yahweh our God with the Word of Yahweh our God. He has been called to the office of Pastor/Teacher in the body of Christ.

Dr. Barnes has several earned degrees, he is a graduate of Liberty University and Liberty Biblical Institute, Grantham University, Apex School of Theology, FICU, Southern Bible Institute Seminary, and Georgia Military College; his degrees consists of a Doctors of Ministry, a Master of Christian Education, Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and Christian Counseling.

Dr. Barnes has concluded that those degrees are just that, degrees, because not one of those degrees have cast out devils, heal the sick, or even given sight to the blind. He has concluded that his greatest achievement is being born again and being fill with the Holy Spirit of the living God. Accepting the free gift of Salvation to date is his greatest accomplishment.

His desire is to see people rise up and take their place in the Kingdom of Yahuah our God and that is done by the renewing of the mind. He is fully committed to teaching the gospel to every individual that comes through the doors at New Vision Ministries until their minds become that of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ (Phil. 2:5).g